Anonymous asked:

Do you have any drawing tutorials? Or could you make a tutorial or a quivk go through on how you draw your eyes? I love the way you draw them they are amazing.

I will put together a tutorial for you! I have been meaning to start doing some tutorials and livestreams or process videos, hopefully soon! :)  thank you so much!

Anonymous asked:

So, I use some of the things you draw as reference, like for body shape and position, noses, hair, and face shapes. I just wanted to make sure that thats okay.


Of course it’s okay! I hope one day you’ll show them to me :)

These awesome ladies cosplayed some of my Adventure Time Moped Gang designs for SakuraCon this year!! I love the tattoos and their take on LSP (I’m going to draw one based on their LSP design! )    Amazing job girls!!! :D

Princess Bubblegum: Flame Princess (& Marceline): Fionna: LSP:

About Selling your artwork online

So some clarification about INPRNT from my previous post, Joshua works there and addressed my issues with the service if you would like to read about it.  

I have received a few more questions about setting up your own shops as well. I have been selling my work online for about 6 years and have used a few different websites, but Storenvy is my favorite by far.

Etsy has a nice marketplace, but they charge you per item you post, and your posts only last two weeks before you have to renew them.

 Bigcartel is very simple but they limit you to the amount of items unless you pay a membership fee.

 Storenvy has an awesome marketplace, and they also give you stats about who is visiting your shop and where they came from, and a lot of customization options. The best part is that Storenvy doesn’t limit the amount of items you post, and its completely free!! 

I hope this helps you guys who are trying to decide about where to sell your work! :)

My problem with INPRNT and similar websites.

I am a college student, who makes money on the side by selling my own prints, shirts, buttons, and stickers through Storenvy.  Here is why I don’t like those websites where they print your items for you and ship them out while giving you a small percentage. My personal experience is with INPRNT but I am not sure about Society6.

They pay you once a month, but if you haven’t earned at least $100 yourself  they won’t give you any at all.  What happened to me was I set up a shop because i wanted to sell iphone cases, a few people bought some and they paid $35 for theirs. Of that $35 I recieved $5. That $5 goes in a little bank under your name until you make $100 yourself, not counting the money they made off you.  I didn’t know this until after I had already sold items, so I got angry and took all my items down because I couldn’t find an option for deleting my account. Overall it was very frustrating. 

I would have rather ordered my own phone cases through websites like StickerApp , or pins from buttonlab, that way I have the entire stock and can package them myself! I print my own 8x11 prints on heavy card stock, so I go to Michaels or Hobby lobby and look for the thickest white card stock they have and I just print with my own Epson printer.  I print large prints through  and I package everything myself.  

I just feel like printing and selling everything yourself is a lot more personal and rewarding. I like the ability to actually interact with my customers and I throw in some extra stickers and hand written notes too!

Those websites sound good at first because you are making money without having to do anything, but I think if people are willing to pay that much for your art, they deserve some personalization and love instead of manufactured prints that the artist hasn’t even signed.

I hope more of you decide to go with making and selling your art yourself. It is a lot more work, but these people who are spending money on your art deserve it. :)